#BONAWeddings October: The Sekhotos

Fall in love with Dorothea and Pitso's beautiful love story.


Our BONA Weddings October winners are Pitso (28) & Dorothea “Dori” (29) Sekhoto who tied the knot married in November 2017.

Dori wrote to us to tell us about their love story.

How did you meet?

We met in 2008. My memory of that time is a bit faded and unclear, but Pitso remembers and told me that he was already eyeing me at that time. Pitso claims I used to sing a certain song :Gym Class Heroes: Cookie Jar ft. The-Dream all the time in our first year. I remember I used to love that song.  Second year we became close friends; I was struggling with a certain course and reached out to Pitso for help. That is where it all really began in 2009, when we both realised we have the same interests and hobbies for example, hiking and travelling. We eventually fell in love. We both started as just being best friends to ending up as more than best friends.

How and when did your spouse pop the question?

On the 11th of March 2017 both Pitso and I had planned to watch the Blue man group show at Monte Casino like we usually do with live shows. When we got there I was surprised! Before the show started, there was an announcement that we had to stand up and wave hello to the rest of the audience. I initially thought it was a usual comedy show and random people were made to stand and wave hello. As I was about to sit down, he went down on his knees and proposed. This was the best surprise he did for me, it topped the one he did for my birthday when we first met.

What made you decide to make it official?

While we were dating we were facing a lot of challenges. We both understood the problems and challenges we faced and we both worked on it. This love, mutual respect and understanding made us make it official.

How long have you been married?

Pitso and I have known each other from 2008 and we have been friends since. We only started dating in 2012 and got married in November 2017. We have been married for almost a year now.

Wedding highlight events?

The wedding began on Friday evening, the bride’s family received gifts from Pitso’s family. The day included slaughtering of the sheep and lobola conclusions.

Our wedding was traditional and incorporated blessing of the rings. The day begun on Saturday at 9:30am. We had two religious ceremonies performed by the Baha’i Faith and Twelve apostle’s church in Christ for blessing of the rings. We later had the official traditional wedding program which began at 11am until 4pm. The program was accompanied by performances of the traditional Sepedi dancers for entertainment. After the program ended Dori moved to Pitso’s family at Cornelia. When she arrived a sheep was slaughtered as a sign to accept Dori as part of the Pitso’s family.

The official program for Day 2 begun at 11am until 3pm and the program was accompanied by performances from the following groups Cornelia cultural group, Prosperity Jazz band, Basotho dancers named Khutlo se Metsu sa Makeoane and a performance by Lebo Sekhoto.

Where did you get married? 

We got married at our home towns (Mamelodi & Cornelia). we chose the venues to save on venue costs. The only mishaps we remember is the fact that our DJ at Cornelia did not arrive and the electricity went off. Our friend Jabu assisted us with generator and with regards to the DJ, the entertainment was sufficient to hide the deed.

The transition of living together and building your happily-ever-after?

Pitso and I have always stayed a fair distance apart especially after graduation. He had later moved to Ermelo and I stayed in Cape Town and was travelling in the Middle East and parts of Africa for training. Later on, Pitso got secondment to work in the Western Cape for 6 months and we were able to see each other on weekends. At the moment Pitso and I are currently staying closer than before although a fair distance apart where one can still drive. The transitioning of living together has not been any different other than we now work closer and ensure we see each other over the weekend. We are both currently working hard on staying together permanently.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced and how did you overcome them?

The main challenge is the one of long distance. To overcome the challenge we always ensure we talk to each other about our day. Should there be any disagreements, we park it until we see each other face to face. This avoids any miscommunication which might prevail from texting and make things worse than they already seem.

How to keep the passion burning and  flames of love burning?

We travel more and do most of things together. Such as we watch series and spend quality time, and go out and watch live plays together.

5 secret ingredients  to a lasting happy marriage

Respect, love, trust, supporting each other and have understanding for one another

Advice for others with regards to planning

Delegation is important, your family will always support you and at the same time it is important to make sure you follow up. Also, you must know what you want or have an idea, otherwise people will sell you their own ideas, especially the deco companies, it is in their best interest for you to choose what they have available.

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Little Black Book/Suppliers:

Photographer: Henry Isaacs Photograhy (073 175 1267) & Blackie Dee graphics & Photography

Website, Stationary and designs: Blackie Dee Graphics & Photography

Venue: Mamelodi(Day1) and Cornelia(Day 2)

Dress: Shifting Sands Sannete (079 496 0747)

Make-Up: Tshepiso Serote (instagram @Tshepiserote (073 472 6606)

Suits: Shifting Sands Sannete (079 496 0747)

Décor/Venue Styling:Tentworx (Day1) & Tina’s catering services (Day 2)

Flowers: TentWorx

Cake: Cake Extreme

Food: Tina’s catering services

Performers: Prosperity Jazz band, Basotho dancers Khutlo se Metsu sa Makeoane and  Lebo Sekhoto