Behind The Decks


House DJ Nomaxabiso “DJ Infinix’’ Gomomo shares her life as a female hip hop DJ.


Growing up in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, I wanted to be a musician, but over time I got introduced to DJ-ing and house music. I became more interested in the profession and took it up as a career when I was 18. My DJ name, “Infinix” comes from the words, “Infinity” and “Xaxa,” my childhood nickname. I like the word “infinity” because it represents endlessness.

I completed a one year diploma in marketing and later a three-year diploma in visual communications at Boston Media House in Uitenhage, after matriculating in 2009. During my studies, I was an intern in the marketing department at media and technology company, Maxima Global, for two years.

I currently work as a graphic designer, DJ and vocalist in Jo’burg. I do corporate design and branding for individuals, corporate and non-corporate organisations. In the past, I have worked for New Age Media and an American engineering company, AECOM. DJs Lulo Café and Black Coffee have been my clients. As a DJ, I have a gig almost every weekend and have played at parties such as the J&B Met pre-party and Channel O Celebrity Bass.


My first big gig was in Ghana. Promoters, who had heard me play here in South Africa, liked my set and booked me to play in two of their clubs in Ghana as a guest DJ. The crowd was amazing and received me well, which was great. I remember how crazy they went when I played JR’s Make the Circle Bigger.
The major challenge for any female DJ is being underestimated. Promoters also tend to take chances and always try to negotiate your contract to next-to-nothing in the name of “exposure.”

R30 000 – R50 000 a month is your expected income when your career starts picking up. However, as your brand grows, you can make this amount in a weekend.

My advice to aspiring DJs is, there are many DJ schools now, so you have an option to study the profession, collect the kind of music you would like to play, and invest in your own equipment if you can afford to. Record and share mixes and do a lot of networking.


DJ Zinhle’s FUSE Academy (for females only) in Johannesburg
011 726 2131/2 or 079 0679 516 or email: [email protected]

DJMixClub, Johannesburg 011 886 9113 / 921 or Email: [email protected]

Soul Candi Institute of Music, Johannesburg and Cape Town
021 418 0972/ 011 440 1795 or email [email protected]

SMIX, Durban 083 994 6389 or visit

Please note: Duration for DJ courses is about a year and prices vary from institution to institution. Call your nearest school for more information.