The beginner’s guide to applying eyeshadow

applying eyeshadow
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We use eyeshadow for various reasons, and applying different colours and finishes in different ways gives different results. But if you’re just starting out in the eyeshadow game, the options can be overwhelming.

The beginner’s guide to applying eyeshadow

Here are some basic application tips as well as three easy, trendy, and flattering eyeshadow options.

Eyeshadow basics

  1. Invest in an eyeshadow primer to make your eyeshadow stay put for longer.
  2. Get into the habit of applying eye make-up before foundation. This way, any mess you make can be cleaned up before you continue with the rest of your make-up.
  3. Don’t apply pressure when you blend eyeshadow – you’ll achieve the best finish if you use light buffing motions to blend.


How to get the smoky eye look

You can’t beat a classic smoky eye, right? Use your ring finger to apply a solid helping of a deep eyeshadow shade to the lower half of your lid above your eyelashes in a half-moon shape. Resist the urge to use colours that don’t flatter your skin tone. Use a fluffy brush to blend the edges and you’re good to go with only one eyeshadow shade.

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Halo eyes

The halo eyeshadow technique is a great way to enhance lighter flecks in any colour eyes and lift droopy eye shapes. Apply a medium toned eyeshadow in the shade of your choice to the lower half of your lid above your eyelashes.

I prefer to stick to the neutrals with this one. Blend the edges with a fluffy eyeshadow brush to ensure all the hard edges are smoothed away. Dip your ring finger into your most beautiful shimmery highlighter, and dab it onto the middle of your lid, right above your pupil. Don’t blend too much here.


Contoured eyes

A barely-there, no-make-up contoured eye is a brilliant way of showing off your beautiful eyes without detracting from them at all.

Start by applying a pale matte neutral to the lower two-thirds of your lids – you should end somewhere just past your eyelid crease. Apply a second, darker matte neutral shade into the crease of your lid, and gently blend both shades.

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Colourful eyes

When you’re in the mood for a splash of colour, you might as well do it properly. High fashion brights can be especially tricky so you may want to give the pigments a bit of a boost.

Start by applying white eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil to the eye area. Then use a dense, flat brush as a vehicle to pack on the coloured eyeshadow. Applying it over white eyeshadow will enhance the intensity of the colour for a vivid finish.

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