Beauty resolutions every woman should follow

Beauty resolutions every woman should follow

One of the best things about an approaching new year is hearing different people’s new year’s resolutions.  Most people make promises to improve their health, the community and the environment but have you ever heard about beauty resolutions? They come in many forms but here’s several beauty resolutions that we think every woman should follow. We know most resolutions are hard to attain but these are pretty easy to achieve!

Use a face mask once to twice a week

While using a face wash every day is standard procedure in your skincare routine – it’s simply not enough.  The world of skincare is constantly evolving and, in 2019, we saw a major trend in face masks. But what benefits do they have for your skin? Well, they remove excess oils, approve the appearance of your pores and hydrate your skin.

Wash your makeup brushes

How many of us are guilty of going weeks or more without washing our brushes? The truth is if you don’t wash your brushes, dirt and bacteria builds up and is spread on your face every time you apply makeup. Ensure this doesn’t happen by washing your brushes every week or two (depending on the frequency of usage) to keep them clean and expand their longevity. Makeup brushes require minimal effort to wash, all you need is antibacterial soap and hot water.

Don’t skip the body washes

Body washes are essential for your overall skincare routine because they cleanse your skin without dehydrating it. LUX has a wide range of fragranced body washes that nourish your skin and leave it with a long-lasting radiant scent. The best part? They leave your skin perfumed for up to 8 hours.

Try out new products

Sometimes we try out a product and stick with it for years. However, that doesn’t mean that we should be afraid to try out new ones. It could be the best thing for your skin or look. So, try out that lipstick you’ve been eyeing for weeks or that beauty soap your colleagues keep talking about. It’s okay to get out of your comfort zone.

So, are these beauty resolutions you’ll be following? We sure hope so!