Beauty essentials to get you through summer

Beauty essentials to get you through summer

A woman can never have too many shoes, dresses, beauty secrets and essentials. Because we take pride in how we look and present ourselves, we’re always looking to try something new.

Speaking of trying something new, here are beauty essentials that will have you looking and feeling amazing in summer:

1. Sunscreen. This goes without saying – you should always apply sunscreen even when it’s not hot. Opt for a sunscreen that has an SPF level of 30 or higher for maximum protection from harmful UV rays. Sunscreen also assists in giving your skin an even-toned complexion, and prevents premature ageing of the skin. So, be sure to apply some sunscreen on your face and body to keep your skin looking it’s best.

2. Body wash. Every woman needs a body wash to cleanse and nourish their skin – especially after a long hot day because the sun can leave your skin dull and dehydrated. Give your skin the boost and scent it needs by using a fragranced body wash in combination with a beauty soap – your skin will thank you for it!

3. Facial wipes. They’re convenient because they’re a quick and gentle way to remove sweat, oil and make-up from your face. They lightly remove the top layer of dead skin cells without irritating the skin and this makes them ideal for daily exfoliation. Facial wipes are gentle enough for everyday use but should not be used in place of your regular face wash.

4. Toner. Your face isn’t entirely free of dirt without using a toner after your face wash. Toners not only remove excess dirt or oil from your face, but they also shrink your pores and assist in balancing out your skin’s pH levels. It’s a face care tip you can’t miss if you want radiant, glowing skin.

5. A popping palette. Summer is the one season that allows us to get away with experimenting with all kinds of colours. Get yourself a palette with trendy bright colours so that every time you step out, you make a statement with your gorgeous cheeks and eyes.

We hope you love these beauty essentials as much as we do!