Arrive Alive This Festive Season


Drunk driving is one of the biggest threats to road safety in South Africa. Research by Arrive Alive indicates that 50% of people who die on the roads have an alcohol concentration of more than 0,05 grams per 100 millilitres of blood.

Arrive-alive-As the festive season approaches, when year-end and holiday parties take place, a designated driver becomes even more important to help keep our roads safe. Hyundai Automotive South Africa gives us tips on how to choose a designated driver.

People will often nominate someone who is the “least drunk” to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. This is dangerous as you will still be exposed to the risk of an intoxicated driver, placing the passengers and other road-users in danger.

When selecting a designated driver, consider the following:

  • Choose someone you know stays sober most times and will get you home safely.
  • Larger groups should have more than one designated driver.
  • Take turns being the designated driver on different occasions, so it is not always the same person who is responsible.
  • The designated driver must collect everyone’s car keys before any drinking begins. This will prevent confrontations under uncomfortable circumstances.
  • If you are unable to secure a designated driver, remember that there are always ways to get home safely without getting behind the wheel. Call a cab or a service that can drive your car – there are many of these in South Africa.

Remember: One drunk driver could negatively impact the lives of many people. Before you go out with your friends or family, get into the habit of discussing who will be driving home and volunteer to be the designated driver too, to ensure that you and your friends can have a great night out – while still making it home safely.