9 Winter make-up do’s and don’ts

Winter make-up

Winter is a great excuse to change up your make-up, but make sure you aren’t making these winter make-up mistakes

1. DO check your foundation shade. Most people are a shade lighter in winter, and not adjusting your foundation accordingly will leave you with an obvious colour difference in your neckline.

You can either set your summer foundation aside for a few months and get a new one, or you can use something like The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops, R325, to lighten your current shade.

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2. DO dig out warmer shades. Warm shades (think copper, rust, burgundy,chocolate brown) work well in autumn and winter. They liven up your complexion, which is flattering as we tend to naturally have less colour in our complexions in winter.

3. DON’T overdo powder products. As skin tends to be drier in winter, it’s a good idea to opt for more moisturising versions of your favourite products. Creamy blushes, highlighters, bronzers and even foundations will add radiance and combat flat, dull-looking skin.

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4. DO go for drama. Winter nights were made for winged liner, deep bronze smoky eyes, wine red lips and loads of highlighter (not necessarily all together though…). Choose one or two dramatic elements and play around until they work for you.

5. DO give your skin a boost. Aside from ramping up your winter skincare routine, also look at complexion products with skin benefits. Primers, BB creams and CC creams are often infused with beneficial skincare ingredients to give you an additional boost.

6. DO give your matte lipsticks a rest. If your lips tend to flake in winter, save the matte lipsticks for special occasions. Aside from further drying out your lips, opaque lipstick that cakes onto flaky lips isn’t a good look for anyone. Try some tinted lip balms or semi sheer moisturising lipstick for everyday wear instead.

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7. DON’T forget blush. As we tend to look a little washed out in winter, blush is a quick and effective way to bring colour to your complexion. You can also mix a bit of highlighter or shimmering bronzer with the blush for extra glow and warmth.

Stick to shades that look ‘natural’ on your skin tone, as heavily contrasting shades will have the opposite effect.

8. DO try a monochrome look. Monochrome looks are brilliantly dramatic. Try using eyeshadow, blush and lipstick that are in the same shade family. Top to bottom bronze or burgundy works well, and you can make it as striking or as natural as you like.

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9. DO break some rules. For some reason, winter is more forgiving when it comes to beauty rules. Now is a great time to try overlined lips, too-bold brows, clumped lashes, coloured eyeliner – whatever blows your hair back.

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