9 Things to consider before buying a second hand car


The decision to buy car requires a lot of research, especially if you’re purchasing a pre-used one. This will ensure that you get yourself a reliable second hand vehicle at a more affordable price.

We chat to Nelisiwe Baloyi, the Managing Executive of Absa Vehicle and Asset Finance and she says anyone who’s considering this option needs to think about the following things first:

  1. Most used cars don’t come with a warranty, although you will still have rights as a consumer if it turns out to be faulty. Finance institutions do however, offer an additional warranty as a value added product.
  2. A second hand car could have wear and tear and can cost you lot of money to repair.
  3. You can’t choose the specification of your car like you can with a new car.
  4. There is a great chance that you might be mislead by the dealer if you don’t do thorough research.
  5. Insurance costs increase with older cars.
  6. A good seller will always have a service book with full service history available on the car.
  7. A second hand car with lower mileage is likely to be in a better condition than one that has clocked up a high mileage.
  8. Buying from a reputable used car dealer gives you assurance that the car has undergone inspection and checks so that you know it is in good condition.
  9. Buying from a private seller could cost less but you might have to sort out the paperwork yourself. This could cost you time and money.