9 best make up tips for people who wear glasses

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There’s no need to be daunted by make-up if you wear glasses – we’ll help show you the ropes.

1. Curl your lashes. Curling your eyelashes is such a straightforward step, but it’s a super practical one. Not only does it open up your eyes, it prevents your lashes from smudging against your glasses.

2. Be clever with mascara. Be generous with mascara at the base of your lashes – wiggle the brush from side to side to really get in there. This defines and frames your eyes. Taper away towards the ends of your lashes, as the excess weight of mascara will cause your lashes to straighten again and hit your lenses.

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3. Prime the bridge of your nose. We all know glasses tend to slide down the bridge of your nose and/or leave red marks. To prevent this from happening, use an eyelid primer on the bridge of your nose to keep your make-up (and your glasses) in place all day.

4. Correct and conceal. During the course of the day your glasses are going to cast all kinds of shadows across your face. To avoid a sunken or tired look, prep your eyelids with a yellow-toned primer and apply a yellow-toned concealer under your eyes. This will help neutralise shadows in the hollows and bony areas under and around your eyes.

5. Slow on shimmer. Shimmer will be accentuated by glasses, so take it easy on the shimmery and metallic textures.

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6. Size does matter. The bigger your glasses, the more make-up you can apply. Having eyeshadow and liner partially peeking out on all sides of your frames is not ideal – so the general rule of big frames = big make-up applies.

7. Brow wow. Your eyebrows still frame your face – even more so if you wear glasses since they tend to sit just on top of them. Groom them regularly, fill them in and set them with a brow gel so that glasses adjustments don’t disrupt your brows during the day.

8. Eyeliner. Wearing glasses is a great reason to play around with eyeliner colours. If you have plain black or brown glasses, go wild and use any complementary colour (i.e. a colour that is opposite your eye colour on a colour wheel). If your glasses are multi-coloured or patterned, pick colours picked up in the frames and try using them as eyeliner.

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9. Lips. The great thing about permanently wearing a frame on your eyes is that people don’t necessarily notice when you’re not wearing all that much eye make-up. In fact, I reach for my glasses when I’m looking tired. All you need is a beautiful bright lipstick and you’re good to go. You can either coordinate or clash your lipstick colour with the colour of your frames – both can look really great.

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