8 of our favourite Beychella moments


Here’s a look at the moments that had us holding on to our wig.


Beyonce performed at Beychella (Coachella) this weekend where she snatched our edges and broke a few records. She became the first black woman to headline the festival since its debut in 1991, Destiny’s Child is the first girl group to perform at the festival, her performance is the most tweeted about, praised, longest dancing sequence on stage and it has the highest live streaming record ever! As we catch our breath after that!

Here are our favourite moments from the performance!

1. The entrance! Queen Nefertiti lives!

2. The Destiny’s Child reunion we’ve all been waiting for! Wig snatched!

3. When Solange came out to perform alongside Bey for Get Me Bodied. 

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4. Bey paying homage to Fela Kuti‘s song ZombieA magical moment. 

5. She gave us our mood for the rest of the year.

“Suck on my balls bitchhhhhh” 🖕🏼😂👅 #beychella #MOOOOOD

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6. When Bey snapped and gave us choreography!

7. Embracing women of all sizes. Beautiful!

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8. Baby roll up the partition please! 

For the full performance, head over to the Coachella website.