7 tips to avoid sweating through your clothes this summer

tips to avoid sweating through your clothes this summer

Summer is here – and so is excess perspiration. Here are a few tips to avoid sweating through your clothes this summer:

So, you’ve just bought a cute summer dress, you are feeling yourself, and then whoops! Here comes along a dreaded sweat patch, ruining your whole look.

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What’s a girl to do? Now don’t get us wrong, sweating is totally natural and it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, but it can be rather uncomfortable.

But, don’t sweat it, we’ve got a few clothing hacks to help keep the perspiration to a minimum. This week we tell you what to wear to avoid sweating through your clothes this summer.

1. Choose cotton or linen. Some fabrics breathe better than others and some will get you sweaty immediately. Generally, natural is better; cotton and linen are good fabrics for keeping cool, while polyester, nylon and rayon will have you sweating in seconds.

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2. Loosen up. Tight clothing is the enemy of staying cool. Luckily this summer’s styles are here to help. Go for wide-leg pants or culottes, a flowing maxi-dress or a trendy tunic to help you stay stylish and feel cool.

3. More is more. It may seem counter-intuitive, but on a hot day, wearing more clothes can actually keep you cooler. The right fabrics can act as a barrier, keeping the sun off your skin and taking the temperature down a notch.

But this only works with looser garments made of lightweight, natural fabric like cotton and linen (think linen shirts, cotton kaftans or anything chambray.

4. Choose your colours wisely. Bright and bold summer colours show sweat faster than neutrals. Make light shades, white and prints your best friend and nobody will be able to tell if you are sweating or not.

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5. Crazy for cutouts. Cutouts aren’t just trendy, they are also ventilation. Long dropped armholes are perfect for fighting sweat stains and keeping cool at the same time.

6. Start with a good foundation. Wear a camisole and underarm pads (available at pharmacies) underneath your clothes. This will prevent sweat seeping through your killer outfit. While you’re at the pharmacy, ask for any deodorant or spray that is specifically for decreasing the appearance of sweat stains.

7. Be careful how you wash you clothes. Take the time to separate whites from colours and wash with cold water to preserve the quality of your clothes. Old and worn out clothing is more like to allow sweat to go right through.

Allow your clothes to dry outside as opposed to using the dryer and only wash when necessary – don’t wash the same item every day, causing it to wear out prematurely.

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