6 ways to keep your whites white


So you’ve brought a brand new crisp, go-with-everything white shirt and you want to keep it white for as long as possible – never fear, it can be done.

If you want your whites to stay white and not go off colour, there are a few easy tips you can try to keep your shirts, skirts and everything else from going grey or yellow…

1. Separate your colours. We all separate our colours but people seem to forget that even light colours can transfer onto whites. Wash whites by themselves and keep every other colour far away.

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2. Dry clothes on low heat. Heat can singe or scorch fabrics making them look yellow. Use a low heat setting on the dryer and more importantly use low heat on the iron.

3. Only use bleach on cotton. Bleach seems like a good option to whiten clothes or remove stains, but on fabrics that aren’t cotton, bleach can turn whites yellow or grey. Too much bleach can tear garments.

4. Try lemon juice. Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent and works great on white clothes. If you can afford it, use lemon oil – it has the same effect. Mix half a cup of lemon juice/oil with warm water and then soak white overnight and wash as per usual the day after.

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5. Hydrogen peroxide. Where lemon fails, hydrogen peroxide will succeed. Not only is it 100% natural but it also makes a great spot-remover for any mistakes and spills that may occur.

6. Vinegar and bicarb are your friends. Vinegar is acidic, bicarbonate of soda is alkaline – both are fantastic cleaning agents. Use it all over your household and don’t forget to use it on your whites. Vinegar is also excellent for cleaning he washing machine – keeping it clean is important for keeping whites spotless.

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Quick tips

  • Don’t overload the washing machine.
  • Treat stains immediately.
  • Check clothes for any staining when they come out of the washer.
  • Dry white clothing and fabrics outside if possible.
  • Reduce the amount of laundry detergent you are using.

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