6 tips to keep your swimwear for more than one season


It’s swimwear season and your only concern should be looking great and remembering to put on sunscreen. What’s that? Do you need to buy a new bathing suit? Well, let this be the last time you have to splash the cash on a suit every season.

Here are 6 tips on how to keep your swimwear for more than one season:

1. Have at least two swimsuits. Swimsuits are like bras, they need to be worn in rotation. Wearing the same suit every day will cause it to stretch and fade so much faster.

2. Rinse before and after each wear. Your swimsuit will absorb less fiber-damaging chlorinated water if you rinse it out with fresh water before hitting the pool. Even if you didn’t take a step into any water, you need to rinse off the salt, chlorine, and sunscreen out of the fabric, after each wear.

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3. Always handwash. Once again, treat your swimwear like you treat your underwear. Don’t machine wash. Instead, soak your suit for 20 minutes in a sink full of lukewarm water with a capful of liquid detergent designed for delicate fabric then rinse thoroughly.

4. Dry correctly. Lay your swimwear out to air-dry outside. Don’t hang it on the line or in direct sun – that’s what makes your costume sag and stretch.

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5. Be careful. The less trauma and wear and tear you put your swimsuit through, the longer it will stick around. Try your best not to sit on rocky surfaces, always lie on a towel and avoid wearing your best swimsuit in the hot tub.

6. Stay cool. Hot water is bad for swimwear. Never wash your bathing suit in hot water, and if you plan on being in the hot tub, use one of your older swimsuits (a cheaper one, preferably) specifically for hot tub escapades.

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