6 Different types of sugar


Learn about the different types of sugar, and those you should be stocking in your pantry.

By: Ntwenhle Gcabashe

Picture: Andrea Caldwell

1. Molasses

This sugar form has a dark and rich flavour. After the sugarcane is harvested, its juice is extracted and boiled twice for concentration. At this stage, it produces a thick juice called molasses. Where recipes suggest molasses, you can use brown sugar or honey instead. This is available at grocery stores nationwide.

 2. White sugar

With this sugar, the naturally present molasses is refined. This is commonly used in recipes, and does not have a strong taste, unlike brown sugar. It is affordable and found at any grocery store.

 3. Brown sugar

This gets its golden colour from the rich juices of molasses. It is mostly used for baking, glazing, and in sauces. Left open and exposed to air, it becomes hard. So best store it in airtight containers.

 4. Honey

This sugar form is sticky and yellowish in colour. It is produced by bees from the nectar collected from flowers. It has a natural sweetness that people prefer over other forms of sugar and sweeteners. It is commonly used for baking, in tea, and has been known to lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.

 5. Cubed white sugar

This is normal granulated sugar cut into cubes. These cubes are mixed with liquid to help glue them together, and then air-dried in an oven. Any type of sugar can be used to form theses cubes. It is best for sugar control consumption – one cube is equivalent to one teaspoon.

 6. Muscovado

This has dark, rich granules and a strong flavour. Almost similar to brown sugar, it gets its colour from high concentration of molasses syrup. It has a sticky texture, and is commonly used for baking strong flavoured cakes such as ginger.