6 beauty essentials for new moms

beauty essentials
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Being a mom is the most spectacular thing in the world… but it’s also the most spectacularly difficult thing… And since I’m a first-time mom, I’m in the very thick of new-mom life; it’s all sterilising, nappies, feeding schedules and sleep deprivation over here, which means my beauty regime has most certainly taken a back seat. And that’s why you need these beauty essentials.

However, since I still like to feel human when I can, I have been forced to discover some absolute beauty essentials for new moms – and I kind of wish I’d thought of some of these before.

Here are 6 beauty essentials for new moms:

So, if you’ve just had a baby, are about to become a mom or know someone who is, do yourself a favour and read on… and then make sure you have all of these, stat!

1. Face wipes. If you’ve actually managed to put on some make-up (which means you’re winning at life), come time to take it off and you’re officially in zombie mode, which means that five-step face washing routine can take a hike (for now, at least!). Some good quality moisturising face wipes will save the day (and your skin), and can also help you feel a bit refreshed in the morning if you’ve had a long night. Maybe.

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2. Eye cream. You’re a new mom, which means you’re tired. All. The. Time. Those bags under your eyes will certainly make their presence known, but with a little help from a cooling, soothing eye cream, you’ll be able to get a little bit of relief. Just be sure to put the tube in plain sight next to your bed – that’s the only way you’ll actually remember to use it!

3. Concealer. This is primarily to help disguise those dark circles under your eyes, but you may find yourself with blemishes thanks to all those hormones floating around your body, which means that stepping out in public may require a quick application of this magic stuff.

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4. Tinted moisturiser or BB cream. I’m all about multi-purpose, timesaving products these days, and when I plan on leaving the house, using either a tinted moisturiser or BB cream provides me with a little bit of coverage without all that effort and fuss. Most certainly a beauty essential for new moms.

5. Your favourite lippie. That lipstick that has always been your go-to? My advice is to get another one and pop it into the nappy bag where it will now live. That way, on those days when you’re feeling a bit, defeated or when you look at yourself in the rear-view mirror and realise you forgot to do your make-up again, a little lick of the stuff will make you feel much better.

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6. Hand cream. You’ll probably find that you’ll be washing your hands more than you ever did before, and while the hygiene is great, it can be very drying on your skin. Treat yourself to a soothing hand cream… you’ll be glad you did.

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