5 ways to look after your boots (so they last longer)


Boot season is here, so keeping your boots looking beautiful should definitely be at the top of your style priority list. Follow these boot-care tips to keep yours in good condition for longer…

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than having to get rid of a pair of boots you love! Make sure your winter shoes last longer and keep them looking gorgeous with this guide on how to look after your boots.

1. Protect your boots from the elements. You should spray your boots with protective spray at least once a week. This acts as a repellent against water damage and spills. It works on leather, suede and fabric boots and makes sure spills sit on the top of material so you can wipe them away before the stain sets. It’s easy and will make a huge difference to how long your boots last.

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2. Keep an eye on your heels. Replace damaged heels as soon as possible. The longer you wait to have them fixed, the greater the chances a broken heel will lead to an irreparable boot, and the more it will cost you in the long run. A shoe repair store can replace your heels quickly and easily – usually at a nominal cost. You should also look at getting soles replaced if they are showing signs of damage.

3. Stay in shape. Help tall boots maintain their shape by using a bootshaper. If you can’t get your hands on a bootshaper, you can stuff your tall boots with newspaper when storing between seasons.

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4. Moisturise leather boots. Leather requires moisture to stay in good nick – especially in cold weather. Leather polish will help to treat leather to make sure it lasts longer. For best results, apply the leather polish with a shoe brush, allow to sit for a few minutes and then buff. This should be done at least once a month if you want your leather boots to last as long as possible.

5. Say yes to suede. Suede may look fantastic but it is definitely difficult to maintain, so think carefully before you buy suede boots. And if you do buy suede boots, then a protective spray is non-negotiable!

You can use a pencil eraser to clean surface scuffs, shiny spots and dust off your boots. In addition, using an eraser can also help to revive worn or faded fabric. You can also use a suede brush to dust off shoes, remove dirt and rebuff the fabric regularly.

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6. Wipe down your boots daily. You should wipe down your boots at the end of each day you wear them. This will help to remove dirt and dust – which will prevent caking and staining.

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