5 Ways to be more active without the gym


There are some pretty simple ways to stick to your fitness resolutions throughout the year without they gym.

Here they are.

By: Grace Mantjiu

  1. Park further away – This may seem like an obvious suggestion. But, not only will you save your car from being scratched by closely parked cars, you will also build up a sweat by walking to the shops or workplace.
  2. Take the stairs – The same rules apply – be aware of how you ‘transport’ yourself to your various locations each day. Walk the three flights to the office and leap over that pavement. If nothing else, this will make you smile.
  3. Use your TV time – There are numerous simple exercises you can do while you catch up on your favourite series. Get on all fours and plank for a minute, and repeat three times. Jog on the spot during the ad breaks and do a set of 10 triceps dips on your coffee table. You would have exercised your stomach, arms and legs during half time!
  4. Support a good cause – Have you heard of the AVON Women’s Walk in aid of breast cancer? Find out about a local charity walk or run and get involved. Exercising for a good cause makes it worthwhile.
  5. Commit to 20 minutes a day – The best plans start with a small commitment that fits easily into your life. This month, commit to just 20 minutes of movement a day. Whether it’s tackling the stairs at work a few times or heading around the block for a run – it’s just 20 minutes.