5 ways moms can live a balanced life

ways moms can live a balanced life

The responsibility of bringing another human being into the world, assisting and guiding them on their journey through life can be tough. Women are raising the next generation – future game-changers there simply is no greater role in life. But it can be challenging and you deserve a break.

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Here are 5 ways moms can live a balanced life:

1. Put yourself first. How do you merge the concept of putting yourself on your to-do list with motherhood? You simply cannot afford not to. You can give of yourself, but if you never stop to refill your cup, you’ll be depleted, exhausted, ill, feel unappreciated and lose your identity. So, nurture the energy within you, to let it shine, and be the best mom you can be for your family.

2. Go within. Always trust your gut and intuition. We focus so much on what books tell us and forget that we as women are born as nurturers. Never lose sight of the wisdom you’re born with. It’s ok to read up and trust science, but never forget how smart you are.

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3. Find the perfect balance. Here’s the thing: There is no balance! There’s no universal formula that we can all apply to achieve the desired results. But there’s one thing you can and have to do: create your own reality. Your balance starts within you. Once you’ve created the balance within, you’ll have the balance externally. Find what works for you and something that revolves around your lifestyle and needs. If it feels right then it is right. And if it is right for you it will definitely be right for your family.

4. Be present. Whether you’re a full-time career mom, or full-time stay-at-home mom – being committed to your career is a great thing. When you’re with your children, no matter their age, simply BE with them. Allow your child and yourself undivided attention and time (no cellphones and emails). Where you’re fully present and engaged with them they’ll appreciate it a lot. Even if you’re together for one hour a day. It’s important to connect with your child and feel fulfilled as a parent.

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5. Self-love. This involves a journey of going within and founding out what brings you joy. Your passions, things that make you feel not (not thoughts or ideas). Remember who you are at your core. You’re a holistic being that’s divine and dynamic. You’re here now with unique talents and capabilities to help fulfill your purpose. So why would you not love yourself? Why would you not want to honour, safeguard,and cherish this amazing being?