5 tips to care for your stockings and tights

care for your stockings and tights

Tights and stockings are an essential for colder weather. Especially when it comes to creating a layered look that’s sleek and stylish. Here’s how to make them last longer this season.

We love stockings and tights! They add the perfect barrier to keep the cold out and help make summer dresses and skirts winter-ready. But they can be prone to rips, tears and other elements which wear them out. Follow these tips to keep your stockings and tights in good nick.

1. Know when to wash. Firstly, you don’t need to wash your tights after every wear. In fact, you can go up to three wears before you wash. The less you wash, the longer they’ll last. But check for stains or odours after each wear to avoid any embarrassment.

2. Wash them right. Hand washing your tights is essential. In addition, don’t wring them out once you’re done washing. Wringing can stretch your stockings which will compromise their fit. Hang them up by the waistband to help retain their shape.

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3. Handle with care. Hosiery is delicate so you’ll need to handle it with care as far as possible. Since the fabric can snag on anything from jewellery to nails, its best to put your hosiery on after your underwear. You should also make sure your toenails and fingernails are neatly kept with no rough bits. Remember to take care when removing your tights too.

4. Store correctly. You should never roll your tights into a ball. Instead, fold them neatly in half, putting one leg over the other. Then, fold in half again and place into a drawer. This will help prevent the fibres weakening.

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5. Say yes to hairspray. You can prolong the longevity of stockings by spraying lightly with hairspray before you put them on. This will prevent your clothing sticking to your hosiery, which can cause wear and tear. In addition, it also helps to fortify the delicate fabric of your tights, adding some much-needed strength.

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