5 tips that’ll help you get your hairline back


Hairline, edges, njibhabha, whatever you call it, as women it’s something we struggle with. Candice Thurston, founder and managing director of Candi & Co. salon shares 5 helpful tips on how to get yours back after it disappears.

1. Do not do any hair-styles that cause tension on the hairline. Redness or tiny bumps around the hairline and headaches are signs that your hairstyle is too tight or if you feel any discomfort while getting your hair done. The first thing to do is change this, if you keep putting extensions on a receding hairline, it’s only going to make it worse and it can never grow fully. Avoid braids, weaves, tight buns and tight ponytails.

Tip: Try to wear your hair down as often as possible.

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2. Shampoo hair at least every week. Use a moisturising shampoo and shampoo your hair then use a good deep conditioner to help recover your healthy hair and scalp. By using the correct shampoo and conditioner such as Nioxin shampoo and conditioner and Kevin Murphy stimulate me wash and rinse. There are biotin tablets for hair growth too.

Tip: After washing your hair, avoid adding more stress by drying the hair with a towel instead of using a hairdryer. This tends to add more stress to the hair line.

3. Always handle your hairline gently! Stop brushing your hair hard, ethnic hair is very course and it can be easy to want to pull it off, instead use your fingers or a soft toothbrush to smoothen your hair.

If you really want extensions, find someone who will be soft on your hair, if you see white bulbs where your hair is growing out of your scalp, it means they have pulled too tight and you should undo your hair immediately.

Tip: Remember when corn-rowing do not plait from the hairline.

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4. Wear a satin scarf. Prevent the little hairs from rubbing on things by protecting them with a satin scarf when going to bed. Avoid cotton scarfs as they have a way of making your hairline worse. Before sleeping, apply castor oil on your edges, the smell might not be great but it will be worth it.

5. Stay Natural. When your hair grows back, remember to stay natural.  You can achieve whatever hairstyle you desire with natural hair.  Braids, weaves, cornrows, wigs etc.