5 things you do that make your oily skin oilier

oily skin

We’re always trying to find ways to get clear, smooth skin, and those who have oily skin know the struggle is real. But are you being your own worst enemy and making your skin even oilier without even realising it? Find out…

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Here are 5 things you do that make your oily skin oilier:

1. It’s too clean. While you definitely should wash your face twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening – you shouldn’t do more than this. We get that oily skin often feels greasy and dirty which is why you probably resort to cleaning it more regularly, but this can strip your natural oils – especially if your products are on the stronger side – which triggers your body to produce more, making your skin even oilier.

2. Skipping out on moisturiser. It helps put back the natural oils that are removed when you wash your face, so if you’re skipping this step, your body goes into overdrive to replenish that much-needed moisture. It will then produce even more oils and ultimately leaving you with even oilier skin. So, whatever you do, don’t forget to moisturise; just make sure you select one that’s compatible with oily skin types.

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3. You’re stressing too much…Perhaps about your oily skin, or perhaps about cooking, cleaning, groceries, work, gym, social life, but all this stress is not good for your skin. Cortisol, the hormone that gets released when you’re stressed, throws your hormone balance completely out of whack and can cause an excess production of oils which leads to breakouts.

And what does everyone do when they have a breakout? Cover it up with more make-up, which ultimately clogs the pores, causing more oil production and further breakouts, causing further stress…

You see the vicious cycle, right? While it’s easier said than done to take a breather and stop stressing, start implementing something each day to help reduce stress. (Apparently, wine works wonders…)

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4. You’re using the wrong products. There’s a reason manufacturers make products that are specifically targeted to oily skin, as the ingredients in these tend to be oil-free and lighter on the skin – exactly what is needed for this skin type. Make sure these are the products that you are using, and if you are unsure, check with your beautician to confirm that your products are best for your skin.

5. You’re too aggressive with your exfoliator. Many people think that their scrub is only working if they can actually feel it scrubbing their skin, but this is not the case. All you are doing is damaging your skin and, you guessed it, scrubbing away the natural oils once again! Go gentle on that skin of yours!

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