5 signs you might have dry skin (without realising it)

signs you might have dry skin

If you’ve always had dry skin, you may very likely find the heading of this article a little bizarre. That’s because you know what dry skin looks and feels like, and don’t need help identifying it.

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5 signs you might have dry skin (without realising it):

But if you’ve experienced some changes in your skin and are battling to get your skin to glow up, have a read through the symptoms below:

1. Colour. Skins of different colours react in different ways to dryness. Darker skins become grey in tone, looking lifeless and dull. Fair skins tend to become red or pink when they reach a level of dryness where your natural barrier function becomes impaired.

2. Texture. If your skin tends to feel a little rough to the touch it’s all because cell turnover is impaired, and the dead skin cells that are supposed to naturally shed are partially sticking to the skin surface. This can vary from a slight feeling of bumpiness or roughness to full on flaking, depending on the degree of dryness.

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3. Visible signs of dryness. Aside from the changes in colour and texture mentioned above, you may also see some other symptoms that you don’t realise are from dry skin. These can range from fine lines and cracks (depending on the area) to peeling skin.

4. Sensation. Dry skin may feel a little different from one person to the next depending on factors like age, natural skin type, race and overall skin health. Generally speaking, if you ever feel tightness, itching or burning, whether mild or severe, that’s a sign that you need to relook at your products and skincare routine.

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5. Product efficacy. When your skin becomes dry, you’ll start noticing a few things about your everyday cosmetics. Your face and body hygiene products are likely to immediately make your skin feel uncomfortable – accompanied by tight, dry or burning feelings. Your usual moisturisers will also feel like they vanish immediately into your skin, and products like foundation will sit on the skin surface instead of blending in like they usually would.

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