5 People To Avoid In The Workplace


In the working world, we encounter many different types of people and some are harder to work with than others. There are certain toxic people you need to avoid at all costs because it can ruin your relationships with colleagues and simply make you hate your job.


The Hater

This person is bitter and resentful, constantly complaining about the boss, the company and other colleagues. You need to be cautious of this type of person because they can spread their anger and resentment like a disease. They might cause you to also resent people and start arguments. Watch yourself or you’ll be in HR right there with them!

The Complainer

This person always has something wrong, one day it’s a headache, next day it’s food poisoning. This person is either extremely prone to sickness or is an aspiring actress. Either way, this person is an attention-seeker and will drain your energy if you let them.

The Fake

This person pretends to be your best friend. They suck up to you, compliment you, learn your secrets, then stab you in the back! Sometimes the fake is just being nice because they need something from you; but most of the time they have a more sinister agenda. Be on your guard around these people and don’t let them use you.

The Bully

This person stomps on everything and everyone who stands in their way. Workplace bullies try to get everyone else to do their work for them. You aren’t in school anymore so don’t let them pressure you! Stand up for yourself and you won’t be stuck with extra work that wasn’t even yours in the first place.

The Slug

This type of person is lazy. They don’t like being told what to do and they don’t like taking responsibility. Similar to the bully, they might try to get you to do their work for them. They will always have an excuse why they can’t do it, and you might even feel sorry for them, but don’t let it affect you. Don’t let yourself be blamed when someone else is slacking off.