5 natural hangover cures

5 natural hangover cures

If you’re a fan of a festive season tipple but not the lingering after effects, then this is for you. Check out these natural hangover cures now.

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1. Rehydration is the number one in natural hangover cures. The fastest way to push toxins out of your body is to ensure you’re properly hydrated. While water may seem like the obvious choice, a glass of tomato juice with a dash of cayenne pepper, sugar and lime helps to replenish electrolytes too. Drink the concoction before bed and when waking for best results.

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2. Say yes to a soak. Soaking in a detox bath is a relaxing way to feel better instantly. Try adding a cup of Epsom Salts to a tubful of water and soaking for as long as you can. The hotter the water, the better.

3. Make a potassium-rich smoothie. Potassium is a much-needed electrolyte which helps banish feelings of nausea and dehydration that a hangover brings. It also helps provide a sugar boost to help you feel better. Blend one banana with a glass of water, a tablespoon of honey (also rich in potassium) and a teaspoon of turmeric to create a hangover-fighting smoothie. The turmeric packs an antioxidant punch as an added bonus.

4. Reach for the milk thistle. One of the most effective natural hangover cures is to try a milk thistle supplement. Available at pharmacies and health stores, this herb can be taken before a night of drinking to keep hangover symptoms at bay or after a night of drinking to reduce the impact of a hangover altogether.

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5. Use cucumbers to curb that unpleasant feeling. Snack on cucumber slices after a night of drinking. Cucumbers contain enough water, B vitamins, electrolytes and sugar to replenish nutrients lost through drinking while helping you dehydrate.

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