5 minutes with Fundi Zwane

Fundi Zwane

Actress Fundi Zwane chats to us about her career, and how she’s managed to overcome some of the difficult challenges that she’s faced. By Kwanele Mathebula

I grew up in a small, but great town called Port Shepstone in KwaZulu-Natal. I was raised in a robust black home filled with lots of joy and love. This encouraged my talents from a young age. I was both creative and sporty in high school, which sometimes created a clash between being a part of the school play and captaining the first netball team.

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I knew when I was in high school that I wanted to be an actress. I was part of the gumboot dance group, and once after a performance, the whole school was in stitches. This turned me into an overnight sensation, and I enjoyed my time on stage. I knew then that I would pursue a career in the arts. After high school, I followed my drama teacher’s advice and went to film school. I booked my first TV role while doing my third year. From that point, I pitched up for every audition and gave it my best.


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I’ve had many challenges in my career. One being body image issues, especially after giving birth. Through this, I’ve learnt the importance of loving myself from the inside out. I’ve had an incredible time going back into myself, and modelling self-love to my daughter. I’ve also struggled with exploitation and not having access to opportunities that build my brand in the industry. There is still much work to be done regarding access to markets for young black females who are content creators, such as myself. Accessing capital, as I grow my business and brand, can sometimes be a challenge. I overcome this by staying on the ball and finding innovative ways to keep growing, which has forced me to be creative.

My advice to aspiring actors is that they must remain resilient. Be willing to work hard, and know that the more you invest in yourself holistically, the more you will grow. Collaboration is also a big investment. Collaborate with people who have similar visions because it makes the creative journey that much better.

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I’m excited to launch my YouTube channel. I’ll be launching Living Lit with Fundi Zwane in October. I can’t wait for supporters to see the influencers and hottest locations in and around Durban. I’m excited to showcase how we’re building this city to become a fruitful creative hub of meaningful collaborations and synergies. Also, fans are going to see my character on Imbewu: The Seed, Donsi, enjoy some of her happiest times as a mother.