5 minutes with Nomisupasta


Nomsa Mazwai, affectionately known as Nomisupasta recently premiered her new music video with Ghanaian artist Manifest, for a song titled Cupid’s Crooked Bow. The songstress chats to us about her new video and career.

ByFundiswa Nkwanyana

1.I am a Soweto-born and bred singer. My music is proudly African and I love exploring the different ethnic sounds. My songs are thought-provoking, and I express my views to give people something to think about, be it about everyday life issues or our political and economic landscapes.


2. Many people know my music, but do not know Nomisupasta. As a creativity-driven artist, I focused a lot on my art and overlooked the importance of putting my name out there. I now understand that as a musician, I need to market myself and work harder.

 3. I was honoured to represent my country when I performed at the United Nations General Assembly last year. This was as part of a programme to celebrate the transformative power of the arts. I was nervous and excited, as I knew that I was representing our continent. It was such a great experience. So far, my career has been amazing because in 2011, my debut EP won a SAMA. I have also worked with DJ Black Coffee, and some of my songs have been sampled by American producer 9th Wonder. I am having fun and growing as an artist.


 4. My new music video is amazing. It’s about a man who does not want to commit. It explores the questions that women ask when they find themselves in a similar situation. It is an absolute must-watch! The visuals are captivating and authentic, because it was shot in Ghana and Cape Town.

 5. My sisters Thandiswa and Ntsiki advised me never to give up. This industry has many ups and downs; sometimes, it gets hard to keep going. I listened to their advice – I will continue pushing on, because I love music.

Here’s her amazing new music video. We love it. You?