5 Mins With Omuhle Gela


We caught up with the gorgeous Omuhle Gela about her acting career and her new swim wear line.

Best known for her role as Busi on Muvhango and My girl on Zabalaza, Omuhle now has her own bikini line called TwentySwimWear. We speak to this beauty about her swim line.


Who is Omuhle Gela?

I’m a young lady born and raised in the East of Johannesburg. I grew up in a very versatile community, which led to my interest in acting – story portrayal of different characters and background of others intrigue me.

How and when did you get into the acting industry?

I took part in plays from my pre-school days and carried on when I was in school. I started stage acting when I was 14 years old and studied Live Performance at AFDA, which kick-started my television acting.

How was your Journey on Zabalaza and Muvhango?

It was overwhelming. Muvhango was my ‘big break’ in the acting industry and I enjoyed every minute and learnt a lot. With Zabalaza, the experience was similar but a tad easier because I had already been on TV for a full year prior. I’m enjoying the route my character is taking, and very keen for growth in the acting field.

Why did you decide to leave Muvhango?

My interest in taking part in other productions conflicted with the route Muvhango was taking me as Busi. And, as a young actor, I’d love to explore and venture in a number of things, while time still allows me.

Omuhle Gela

Tell us more about your swimwear line?

TwentySwimWear was created to “boost” women’s self-confidence. The whole idea is for women of all body types to be able to wear fitting swimwear and feel confident, comfortable and sexy in it.

Do you design your own swimsuits?


Omuhle Gela

What is the range about?

It’s about enhancing your ‘flaws’ as a woman. My target is women of all sizes and body types –I wanna ensure women feel sexy regardless of age!

What’s the inspiration behind it?

I was inspired by the fact that I barely see swimsuits that are designed for bodies that are not ‘summer ready’ as well as beach wear for fuller figured women. I like swimwear, so I figured let me try this out.

Omuhle Gela

What’s different about your range?

I designed everything from scratch; I did the sketches and its stuff I personally haven’t seen anywhere else.

Where can we buy it and what is the price range?

People can purchase it online, as soon as we launch. We deliver worldwide. It’s affordable, with prices from as little as R250.

Omuhle Gela

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