5 Mins With Ntombi Ngcobo-Mzolo


Daughter of mbaqanga artist, Ihashi Elimhlophe, Ntombi Ngcobo has been in the spotlight for longer than we can remember. Although her father’s fame brought her recognition, Ntombi defines herself as her own person with a unique style of music.

Here’s what she had to say about her presenting gig and music journey:

Please tell us more about the show you host on SABC 1. What is Come Again all about?

Come Again airs every Sunday night at 6pm. I get the chance to travel to different parts of South Africa. The catch and what gives the show its name is that the places I visit are strange; so strange that you want to find out more about it and how those places were named. As the presenter, I share the information and history of the all great places I visit.

What have you learnt about South Africa since hosting the show?

I have learnt about the vast differences in our cultures, and how someone’s background can influence how they communicate with the rest of the world. This has made me realise the importance of South Africans’ learning about all cultures in order to understand each other better; for example, we often will say Venda’s are rude and loud, but once you learn their customs you realise that this is how they communicate, and in no way do they mean to be rude.

You have always been into music and are famously known for being a member of Amaponi with your siblings. You later went solo – we hear that you’re making a comeback with a new album, is this true?

Yes it is. After my first album, I took a break from music to focus on my family. I wanted to spend time with my first child, Nomfundo, who is now three years old. But now I’m ready to comeback with a new and tasteful album.

What can we expect from the album?

The album will only be out later this year. I have worked with a few amazing producers. Previously, I had dabbled in traditional Zulu songs. This album will be very different; I want to introduce a combination of dance hall, afro-pop and RnB. Ntombi-Ngcobo

Apart from the album, what can your fans expect from you this year?

I really want to perfect my live performances. I think the only other South African group I can think of that has done this well is Mafikizolo. I love how they keep it local with their Mzansi sound. I want to introduce this in my music but also be the singer and dancer on stage – I want to entertain my audience.

You and your husband have been together for 13 years. How do you keep the flame burning?

(Laughs) My husband and I have been together for a long time, but only married six years ago. I’m a person that loves being in love, and I absolutely adore my husband. I think when you’re in a relationship, you have to know what you want; both of you need to have an understanding of the relationship. We never compare ourselves with other couples. Communication, meeting each other half-way and keeping it real has helped. We are also best friends – this keeps our relationship strong.