5 Mins With Incredible SA photographer, Anthony Bila


11 Freelance photographer, blogger and creative consultant Anthony Bila (29) gives us 5 minutes of his time to tell us about his career. By: BOITUMELO MMAKOU He began his career in marketing when he was only 14. Today, he is known as one of South Africa’s leading bloggers, giving a fresh take on storytelling and fashion photography. He has been associated with brands such as Topman UK, Woolworths and Mr Price, all linked to his blog, The Expressionist. Anthony was also coined Adidas Originals influencer in fashion photography 12 1.You recently made your debut on the silver screen, playing yourself on Ayanda. Please tell us about this experience. It was a small challenge because I had never done any film work. I would have loved to play a different role and expand my acting craft. Perhaps I will do something of that nature in the future. I felt honoured to be part of the film, with an amazing cast and great support. I loved that it was produced and directed by black women, because we need more of that in our country. 2. As a creative, did the film inspire you in any way? It did! I had always wanted to do more for my brand than just photography. Being part of the film confirmed my next move. In future, The Expressionist will have more videos to tell stories. Under Uncultured Club – a creative business I started with friends Chisanga Mubanga and Nicholas Rawhani – we plan to produce documentaries. 13 3. You have made a name for yourself as blogger and managed to benefit from it financially. What’s been your secret? Find what you are good at, be true to yourself about your strengths and talents, and work with what is relevant to you. Once you know what you want and are clear of your goals, it will be easier to tackle the challenges that come with your work. 4. Do you consider yourself to be victorious in your craft or are you still working towards the ultimate goal for your career? For me it’s about telling stories of the youth of South Africa with the use of my camera. I learnt to use the camera and edit pictures myself. I exposed myself to what was available and I am still learning. 14 15 18 17 16 Find out more about Anthony Bila in our December issue of BONA Man.