5 Mins With Bucie


She is easy to love and wants you to get over any negativity that you may have had. She’s also one of South Africa’s hottest celebrities and an outstanding musician. She has once again been nominated for the MAMAs 2015.

Your voice is the reason you are considered one of the best. How do you make sure your talent stays pure, especially for stage performances and tours?

I don’t have a specific routine or preparation; my voice is naturally pure because it is a God-given talent.

What makes Bucie deserving of the Best Female Act at the MTV Africa Music Awards?

I have been working really hard through all these years; my loyal and loving fans throughout the continent are the reason why I feel I should win.

What makes a great female artist in Africa – any tips?

It takes hard work and perseverance.


Style is important when performing, what would you say is the trick in nailing it?

The only thing which I believe is vital is always being comfortable in what you are wearing, because the most important thing, ultimately, is the performance.

It’s often hard for local acts to do tours and work overseas. What is the procedure in making it here and abroad?

Good music!

Any new projects we should expect?

Releasing singles and featuring various artists on the album, which will be released next year. This year I have been focusing on building Bucie (PTY) – the company and brand.


You are also performing at the MTV MAMA 2015, what should your fans expect?

They should expect Bucie to be Bucie, and deliver the best performance for her fans.

Who will be dressing you for the event and what should we expect from you on the red carpet?

I have a really good relationship with my designer who dressed me for the SAMAs, Tuelo Nguyuza, so I will be dressed by the same amazing designer for the MAMAs.

You have had a very successful year, what would you say is the biggest career highlight for you so far?

The highlight of my career after a decade in the music industry is without a doubt winning Best Female Artist in South Africa at the SAMAs.