5 fashion hacks you need to know now

5 fashion hacks you need to know now

Want to rock a fabulous look in 2019? Then you definitely need to follow these fashion hacks that will definitely up your style game.

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A stylish look can be achieved easily if you have the right know-how. Try these fashion hacks to create an effortlessly chic look.

1. Start by shopping smart. A streamlined wardrobe is a must-have for creating a fabulous look. To make sure that you don’t buy unnecessary items, follow this simple rule of thumb: only buy items that you can wear with other pieces in your closet to create at least three outfits.

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2. Mix things up perfectly. One surefire way to always look like you’re on trend without spending a fortune is to combine classics with trendy pieces. The trick to choose a few pieces per season and integrate them with other basics in your wardrobe. You can then wear a trendy piece with other classics for a look that’s on point.

3. Highlight your assets.Dressing for your figure is essential so you’ll need to decide what your assets are and highlight them in every outfit you wear. In addition, you can also wear colours that suit your complexion close to your face for a flattering look.

4. One print per look.Prints and patterns are an excellent focal point to your look. So you should definitely opt for a printed piece in each outfit you wear. You can then add other neutrals to showcase the print perfect. You can take things to the next level by adding an accessory in a colour featured in the print for a super stylish look.

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5. Match two accessories. It’s no secret that stunning accessories can transform your look. But you can elevate this to new heights by making sure two of your accessories always complement each other. For example, wear a handbag that matches your earrings for a coordinated look that’s simple but chic.

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