5 best fabrics to keep you warm this winter


Keep the cold out and ensure you look stylish and warm by donning one of these fabrics to keep you warm this winter.

fabrics to keep you warm

Stay warm and cosy by donning one of these warm fabrics this winter. They’ll keep the cold out and ensure you look stylish too.

Image: Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

The best fabrics for winter extend well beyond knits. Consider some of these fabulous options to keep snug while looking fabulous to boot.

1. We love wool. Wool is available in a variety of weights and knits – so it can be worn in a number of chic ways, from suits to sweaters. It’s also excellent for cold weather as it fits softly on your skin while allowing it to breathe too. It’s the perfect way to add some texture to your look and works on clothing and accessories too.

The warmest wool is cashmere, but if you don’t want to splash out on cashmere, merino wool is almost as warm.

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2. Reach for flannel. Since plaid and checked fabrics are in, flannel should definitely be on your list of winter must-haves. This soft fabric feels fantastic on your skin and works on its own and in layers too. Because it’s so thin and tightly bound it keeps the cold out without adding bulk to your frame. Look for flannel shirts and even shirt dresses made from cotton to make sure your clothes are breathable and warm.

3. Consider corduroy. Warm and flexible, corduroy is generally found on trousers, skirts, dresses and jackets. It keeps you warm and works well in layers too. In addition, it adds a nice textured and structured element to your look.

4. Love leather. Leather works well all year round, but it’s especially great for keeping you warm in winter. It moulds to your figure and is the perfect shield against the elements, especially wind. Because of its weight, it’s the perfect choice for a top layer, so make sure you layer and wear something warm underneath as well.

5. Snuggle in faux fur. Fur is one of the oldest known warm fabrics – used in ancient times to keep our ancestors cosy. Wear it to cover up and keep warm during the day and night – just make sure you opt for the faux variety. One of our favourite faux fur picks for South African winters is a gilet. It’ll keep your core warm, but without leading to overheating.

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