4 ways to deal with a clingy ex

ways to deal with a clingy ex

Falling in love is wonderful, but boyfriends generally come with exes that can sometimes be a pain. Here’s how to handle the ex without looking like a jealous girlfriend.

Durban based counselor, Thokozile Dlamini, says feelings of resentment towards your lover’s ex stems from insecurity that this woman had a relationship with your current partner. It’s important to handle your feelings in a manner that will keep your dignity intact.

Here are 4 ways to deal with a clingy ex:

1. Ignore her. Whether it’s phone calls or inappropriate SMSs proclaiming her undying love for your partner, clingy exes never seem to care that you are now in the picture. You don’t have to be in touch with her. Make sure that your man is being honest with you, and that he is not encouraging the inappropriate actions of his ex.

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2. Baby mama drama. Nobody has staying power like a baby mama. You know she’s not going anywhere, and so does she. Don’t try to compete with her, the two of them have a very special bond and you need to accept that. Avoid getting into fights or verbal disagreements with his baby mama, communicate any issues you have with your man.

3. His kids are a priority. Do you ever catch yourself rolling your eyes when his kids come and mess up your romantic weekend? Well, girl you chose to date a man with kids and guess what? They run things, especially his heart. So play nice.

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4. Forget about his flings. An ex-girlfriend who won’t move on really sucks, but worse are girls who had a fling with him or a one-night stand. Women often fight each other for a man and nothing is tackier. A man who loves you will handle his exes, one-night stands or any other woman. Don’t engage them in talking about your man. She’s in the past and you don’t owe anyone an explanations.