4 ways to decrease natural hair shrinkage


Shrinkage tends to have a bad rep in the world of natural hair but it isn’t the worst thing in the world. Shrinkage is actually a positive indication that your hair is healthy and has high elasticity.But sometimes you want to show off the true length of your natural hair without using heat!

Here are four easy techniques to help you elongate your afro without turning to the blow dryer.

1. Braiding or twisting

Any natural girl knows the art of creating the perfect braid or twist out. This style helps achieve more curl definition and also adds a bit of length to your hair. It’s a go-to way to decrease natural hair shrinkage and, even better, it’s very easy to do.

Here’s how to use braids or twists to decrease shrinkage:

1. Shampoo, condition and apply your styling products as desired.
2. Part hair into neat sections. Braid or twist each section from the root all the way to the ends.
3. Allow your hair to dry completely (you can even do this overnight), then take out the braids or twists to reveal longer, more defined curls.

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2. Perm rods

Installing perm rods is a great styling technique for natural hair. Your curls can last up to five days, which means you’ll spend less time doing your hair in the morning.

3. Banding

Banding is another technique to use if shrinkage is bringing you down. Banding is best defined as using hair ties to gently stretch your hair. Make sure your hair ties have no metal parts that will cause friction and breakage.

Hey dolls, so here’s a quick and easy way for you to get some #heatlesswaves using some elastic bands. I just sectioned my hair into 4 pieces, then I sprayed a little bit of water and added some of my @beemineproducts Deja’s Hair Milk (which smells AMAZING!), then I brushed out my curl pattern and added elastic bands about an inch apart to create a wavy effect. After you let it completely dry, just take off the bands and part your hair in whatever direction you choose and pick at the roots for even bigger hair ?. The banding method is a great way to stretch your hair for a nice blowout effect. (The closer the bands, the straighter your hair gets) #heatlessstyles #noheatchallenge #beemineproducts #curlyhair #wavyhair #afro #bighair #naturalhair #naturalhairrocks #bandingmethod #heatlessblowout

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  1. Shampoo, condition and apply your styling products as desired.
  2. While your hair is still damp, take a 5 x 5 cm section of hair (don’t worry about perfect partings) and braid or twist each section from the root all the way to the ends.
  3. Starting at the top of one braid or twist, wrap a hair tie around the root and work your way down with more hair ties until you reach the end.
  4. Allow your hair to completely dry and then gently remove the hair ties.
  5. Separate and fluff out your strands.

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4. Flexi-rod sets

“Flexing” in your flexi-rods is a must try if you have natural hair and want curls that will last at least one week. By wrapping your wet hair around the full length of the rod, the tension you’ve just created will decrease shrinkage.

Here’s how to use flexi-rod sets to decrease shrinkage:

  1. Shampoo, condition and apply a moisturising leave-in conditioner.
  2. Part your damp hair into neat sections.  The parting size can vary depending on the size of the rods.
  3. Using a styling foam, like Cantu’s Wave Whip Curling Mousse, work a small amount of product through the sections.
  4. Place the tip of the flexi-rod at the root. Securely wrap your hair around the top of the flexi-rod and continue to wrap the strand around the rod, until you’ve reached the opposite end.
  5. Once the strand is fully wrapped, bend the rod to ensure the ends of your strands are secure and that the hair doesn’t unravel.
  6. Continue steps 2-7 around your entire head!
  7. Let your hair fully dry and then gently take the rods out of your hair by un-bending each rod at the ends and then gently separating them from your hair.

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