4 Tips to add texture to your look

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Pairing different fabrics together in one outfit definitely lends an edgier look to your ensemble. But it’s not as easy as it sounds! That’s why we’ve compiled our top tips to help you nail the look the easy way.

4 Tips to add texture to your look

1. Choose the right textures

When it comes to adding texture to an outfit, fabric choice is the most important thing to think about. Some of our favourite fabrics for adding texture are leather (or faux leather), velvet, suede, knits, chiffon, silk, cotton, denim or lace. However, strategically placed detailing can also create a textured effect. For example, embroidered elements and motifs and fringing have a 3D effect which adds texture and interest to your look as do embellishments like jewels and bows.


2. Get it all in one

Clothing that features two textures is a simple and easy way to up your texture game. Think of a two-fer top or a dress that features mesh insets. Deciding what to wear will be effortless and your clothes will feature textural juxtaposition, which is uber chic. In fact, one of the easiest ways to pull off a textured look is to combine two textures that are contrasting in nature – try leather and chiffon or lace and denim.

3. Layering is essential

Layers are a great way to showcase a textured look. A good rule of thumb is to layer a more textured garment (like a chunky knit) over or under a less textured or smoother garment. This avoids adding extra bulk to your frame while showing off each texture perfectly.


4. Consider something different

You can play up textures by considering elements like prints and accessories instead. A print on a textured fabric pops more – with an eye-catching effect. Likewise detailing like ruffles, pleats and ruching add texture to your look no matter the fabric. You can add chunky jewellery to your outfit to add another dimension.

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