4 diseases and symptoms to look out for

diseases and symptoms to look out for

Women play an important role in maintaining the health and well-being of their families.  It is also important for them to make their own health a priority.

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Below are some 4 diseases and symptoms to look out for:

1. Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer among women.  The risk factors for breast cancer can be genetic but some lifestyle.  Some breast lumps are not cancerous, but it is important for women to go consult with a doctor as soon as they notice a lump in their breasts.  Symptoms of breast cancer include swelling of the breast, nipple discharge, nipple pain, redness, scaliness or thickening of the breast skin or nipple and a lump in the underarm area.

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2. Bladder Infections affect men as well, but they are mostly common in women.  A bladder infection is caused by a bacterial infection within the bladder.  Bladder infections refer to an infection anywhere in the urinary tract such as the bladder, kidneys or urethra.  The symptoms of a bladder infection vary depending on severity.  They can include pain or burning when urinating, a frequent need to urinate, cramping or pressure in the lower abdomen and foul-smelling urine.

3. Cervical Cancer affects the cervix (the narrow part of the lower uterus and can lead to infertility.  A person may experience no symptoms at all in the early stages of cervical cancer.  A pap smear test is preventative as it aims to reveal any cell changes that indicate the possible development of cancer.  The most common symptoms of cervical cancer include pelvic pain, bleeding after sexual intercourse and bleeding between periods.

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4. Ovarian Cancer may not cause any specific symptoms, especially in its early stages.  When it does cause symptoms, they can include abdominal swelling or enlargement, changes in bladder or bowel habits, abdominal fullness and abdominal pain.