3 ways to revamp your weave


Eve Ntshudisane shows you how to give your old weave a new lease on life with these tips and tricks.

Pictures: Andile Mthembu

Hair & make-up: Nomsa Madida

Model: Zee, Alushi Models



The bun is a chic style that is suitable for any occasion. It keeps the hair away from the face, and protects the ends of your hair.


1. Brush your hair up and tie it into a pony in the middle of your head. Use a hair tie.

2. Take one track of your weave and from one end, start twisting around the bottom of your pony. Secure it with another tie or bobby pin once you are done.


3. Coil the length of your extension and twist it around the bottom so that it forms a bun. Tuck or pin the end in, so that the hair doesn’t unravel.


4. Smoothen and brush away any flyaways.
*TIP: Avoid tying your hair too tightly. This puts strain on your hair and scalp, and causes tension headaches.




This is one way to get length without the hassle. Get a pack of hooks to sew onto the tracks of your extensions, and you have your own clip-ins!


1. Using a tail comb, part your hair where you want to attach your clip-in extension.

2. Measure the piece of extension you want to put in before you attach it, so that the measurements are right.

3. Making sure that the clips are open, hook and press them to lock. Do this one clip at a time, until you’re done.

4. Blend your hair with the extensions by brushing and straightening them together in sections until your head is complete.

*TIP: Place the hooks at least four finger spaces apart when sewing them onto the tracks. This allows you the flexibility when putting them in.




You are more likely to succeed if you cut the weave while it’s still on your head, because it will be tailored to your face.


1. Brush your hair to make it even.

2. Face your scissors up, and start snipping your desired style. Cutting horizontally makes your hairstyle blunt.

3. Once you are done, blow-dry your weave so that you can see if there are any uneven lengths that need to be fixed.

4. Straighten your hair for a sleek finish.

*TIP: If you’re worried about a crooked style, cut your hair in small sections instead of big chunks.