2 ways to an effortless lash makeover


How to add length, volume, and colour to your lashes.


Do you often smudge your mascara, struggle to get volume or need more length on your lashes? If your answer is yes, then false lashes are your go-to trick. Nothing gives your face a more defined look and fresh finish than lashes. Application ranges from single to individual and full strip lashes. Individual and full lashes are perfect to enhance your lashes at home. So, get the right tools to help you become the DIY queen of the perfect lash makeover.

1. Individual Lashes. 

These give you the freedom to create your own length and shape. Go for a standard look by adding them for volume and length to having winged lashes for your ends to look longer. Individual lashes have a natural finish and can be transformed into a more dramatic look by applying mascara.

How to apply:

  • Prepare the eye by removing any leftover make-up, wash your face with a wet cloth or use a wet wipe, and dry well
  • place a small dot of lash glue onto a piece of foil since it won’t absorb it
  • Using tweezers, select one lash at a time and gently dip the root in the glue
  • Close your eye and attach the lash to the existing line. Use tweezers to adjust the lash into the lash into place, if needed
  • Repeat until your lash line is filled

Tip – The shorter the lashes, the more natural they look and blend in with your own

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2. Strip Lashes. 

These are your day-to-day lashes that work well for an event or just as a revamp. Unlike individual lashes that need to be soaked off or left to fall off, strip lashes are easy to apply and remove at the end of your day. They are short and light in colour to give you a natural look, and lengthier ones with a darker shade if black for a dramatic finish.

How to apply:

  • Applying make-up first and finishing off with your lashes works best as this prevents you from brushing colour on them
  • Brush some lash glue onto the spine of the lashes and blow/fan it for 10 seconds
  • Place the strip along the top of your lash line using tweezers
  • Complete by pressing the strip down from the outer corner of your eye, working your way inwards