11 top tips on school shoe care

School girl

Protect and maintain
1. From the day you buy them, you must keep your children’s shoes protected and maintained. You can do this by using the correct cleaners and polishing away any marks and dirt as they appear.
2. Label them – most school shoes look the same, so prevent your children from losing theirs by marking them.

Plush Liquid Polish Black

Shiny and new
3. Keep the shoes shining by using a good quality shoe polish.
4. Remove any dust and dirt your shoes get on before dirt like mud dries on the shoe and is difficult to remove.
5. Remember to spread out some newspaper on the floor so that you don’t leave behind any polish stains when cleaning the shoes.
6. Match the shoe polish with the shoe colour.
7. Clean your takkies as often as possible using a shoe cleaner specifically designed for them.

Takkie Clean

8. Be sure to air the shoes every day. When your child takes off their shoes, place them where they can be exposed to air, such as close to a window. Remember to always remove shoes from a sport bag as soon as your child gets home.
9. Rain, rain, go away! Don’t let rainwater spoil good shoes. Dry them off as soon as you can, stuff them with a newspaper and leave them to dry normally. After that, give them a good polish.

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Quick fixes
10. Keep a pair of laces in the cupboard to replace old ones as they get worn. Not only will your child’s shoes look newer, but you won’t have to worry about the laces breaking at an inopportune time.
11. No time for a traditional wax polish? Try products that will add instant polish and shine to the shoes.

Takkie White

This school year, turn to Plush’s affordable and quality shoe care range. It is available in a range of waxes (such as Plush Max Shoe Polish) that waterproofs, shines and protects, as well as Plush Instant Shine Polish, which renews colour. You can also keep your children’s takkies looking new with Plush Takkie White and Plush Takkie Clean. Takkie Clean is specifically formulated for canvas, nylon, rubber, vinyl and nylon mesh shoes. To top it all, Plush’s extended shoe care range contains products suited to leather and suede.
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