10 weird beauty hacks that actually work

10 weird beauty hacks

The internet is filled with many tips and tricks, especially when it comes to beauty. We’ve scoured the web to find the best beauty hacks. From homemade beauty products like homemade hair detangler to DIY hot oil treatment, we’ve rounded up 10 of the weirdest beauty hacks that really do work!

Image: Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

1. Bobby pin contouring. Contouring can be a risky business if you’re not really well versed in this make-up technique. Thankfully a stretched open bobby pin is all you need to sculpt your nose for an effortless look. Stretch out the bobby pin to create a “U” shape and place it on your nose so that the pin is above the bridge of your nose and ends are pointing towards your lips. Apply the darker contouring powder along the outside of the pin sides for a precise contour. If you want to highlight your nose, apply highlighter to the middle “U” of the bobby pin.

2. Put Vaseline on pulse points before applying perfume. Want your perfume scent to last all day long? Try putting a dab of Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying them with your scent of choice. Vaseline is occlusive and will hold onto the fragrance for much longer than just your bare skin would.

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3. DIY highlighter. One of the most popular makeup products is a highlighter, which gives your face a luminous glow. No need to run out to the store and break the bank when you can make your own highlighter at home. Pour your shimmery eyeshadow with a few drops of your face lotion in a small container. Mix it until its smooth and you can apply as needed.

4. Revive dried out gel liner with a drop of face oil. Has your favourite gel eyeliner dried out? No need to chuck out just yet. Adding a few drops of a facial oil can revive it or your favourite eyebrow pomade. Use an eyeliner brush to mix it around in the pot before applying to your lids.

5. Put red lipstick under your eyes to get rid of dark circles. This may sound a little strange, but it’s a beauty hack that definitely does work! Applying a bit of red or orange lipstick under your eyes and blending it with your trusted beauty blender will cancel out the dark circles under your eyes. Make sure to apply concealer afterwards or you definitely will look strange.

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6. Use whitening toothpaste to get rid of stained nails. How annoying is it when you take off your nail polish to reveal yellow stains on your nails? Ugh. Get rid of unsightly stains by gently scrubbing your nails with some whitening toothpaste. It really will do the trick!

7. Bulletproof eyebrows. Baby powder or translucent powder can be used for a number of beauty tricks. Make sure your eyebrows last the entire day by applying some powder before and after filling them in.

8. Jamsu. This Korean beauty hack helps keep your skin stay matte the whole day. Apply your foundation, then dust on some baby powder, then submerge your face in ice-cold water. It might sound odd, but it might just be what helps you say goodbye to shiny skin forever!

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9. Use Vaseline to remove your false eyelashes. Taking off false eyelashes can be a pain, but applying some Vaseline onto your lash line with a cotton bud makes it a dream. Just apply, wait a few minutes and then carefully peel away.

10. Wet brows before filling them in. Slightly wetting your eyebrows before using your brow pencil, helps the pencil go on more smoothly and makes sure you don’t use too much product. That means you won’t have so much to take off if you make a mistake.

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