10 Movies That Inspire Us To Love


Since love doesn’t always give us the happy endings we so dream of, we occasionally have to look to movies that make us believe in the slight chance that maybe, it exists.

Love and Basketball

Giving us hope that love can develop within the bounds of “The Friend-zone” this movie tells the story of two friends who grew up together and were brought closer by playing basketball. Our favourite scene is when, in their adult lives, Monica challenges Quincy on the court for his love and hand in marriage.

Love Don’t Cost A Thing

Nerd falls in love with popular girl, popular girl looks down on nerd, popular girl spends time with nerd and realises how interesting he is, nerd realises popular girl is down-to-earth and they fall in love. We have seen this narrative a million times in a million different films but there is something about the typical teen movie that makes us want to see it again and again.


No list of romantic movies would be complete without this timeless 1997 classic. The intense connection between Jack and Rose in the movie makes you wish they were a couple in real life. Based on the sinking of a real ship, the Titanic teaches us that in order to love, you need to be selfless.

The Notebook

This beautiful tale speaks of the relationship between Noah and Allie who become inseparable after meeting at a carnival and spend almost every single day together, falling in love. After an accident, Allie loses her memory. Noah sacrifices every day of his own life, reading to her, their love story, from a notebook which he kept. Need we say more?

Dear John

There is something very magical about the simplicity of a love letter. When John’s job sends him far away from his love, Savannah, communication is reduced to letters. Long distance relationships are a major challenge to the heart and it takes a strong soul to remain true. Watch this movie with a loved one to remind them of the impact of a handwritten note.

The Best Man

There is such a thin, almost blurry line between lovers and friends, especially in a close group of guys and girls. When Lance’s best friend releases a novel which reveals a scandalous secret, things begin to change. Benjamin Franklin once said “a secret [between two people] is not a secret unless one of them is dead.” Can love actually withstand the force of a secret let out? According to this movie, yes!

The Proposal

Think you have a cruel boss? Well, think again. The boss of the character in this movie forced him to marry her! Not only do we love this movie because the boss is a woman, but we also adore how they both quietly fall in love with each other and don’t even realise it until after their fake wedding!

I Think I love My Wife

When Richard Cooper bumps into a mate from his high-school years, looking “Grown ‘n Sexy”, he loses his mind. Like a little puppy, he follows her lead and plays her game. When he eventually remembers that “oh! I am a married man” he goes back to his wife more committed than before, proving that no matter how far the puppy may stray, it will always know that home is where the heart is.

Jumping The Broom

Mothers-in-law/monsters-in-law, it’s all the same thing. When Jason’s mother gives him a hard time with his chosen woman, he is forced to choose between her and his relationship. Through this movie we have learned that perseverance is key and that things are not always as they seem.

The Five-year Engagement

After getting engaged, the couple in this film cannot seem to find a perfect date to get married. City life can get quite hectic and balancing a career and a relationship is sometimes difficult. This movie teaches us that if you want to get something done, you might need to stop thinking about what you need to do and just do it!