10 gym bag essentials

gym bag essentials

Ever stepped out of the shower at gym, only to realise that you have no towel? Then you know why it is important to ensure that your gym bag essentials are packed. Here’s a quick round-up of the conventional and not-so-conventional items you need to remember:

1. A lock for your gym cupboard. We’re all about sharing, but not when it’s your wallet or cellphone.

2. A gym towel and water bottle. These are just the basics – get your act together!

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3. Gym kit and shoes. Whether cleats and a chamois for spinning or leg warmers for barre – make sure you’ve got the gear.

4. Bluetooth headphones. Nobody likes an earphone cable when trying to dominate the treadmill. Invest in a simple pair of Bluetooth ear pods for added motivation during your cardio workout.

5. A well-fitted sports bra is critical. Also, make sure that it’s good quality.

6. A shower towel. Hopefully you’ll be hitting the showers for a 90-second rinse after your session, and won’t be using your tiny gym towel!

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7. Flip-flops; don’t hit the showers without adequate foot protection. Gym clubs do keep the showers in hygienic condition. But, leaving your feet unprotected from germs just isn’t right.

8. Deodorant. As a newcomer to the scene, you’re soon to discover that even after showering, you continue to sweat as your body cools down. Arm yourself with a quality antiperspirant to mask the odour. The roll-on range from Shower to Shower offers 48-hour protection, and has a variety of fragrances to suit any taste. If you’re worried, then follow your roll-on with one of Shower to Shower’s fresh spray deodorants. Added protection from the pong.

9. A wet bag. What’s this, you may ask? Well, you’ve just off-loaded litres of body fluid onto your kit over the course of the workout, and are now going to tuck it into your gym bag to infiltrate the rest of the contents. Don’t do it! Take a bag that is waterproof and big enough to hold your soiled gear. That way, it’s quarantined and ready for the washing machine when you get home.

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10. Moisturiser. We all know that awful after-shower feeling when your skin feels tight and dry. Take along a good moisturiser for your face and body to combat parched skin.