10 chocolate beauty products you need in your life

chocolate beauty products

The smartest way to do indulge your chocolate cravings (without all the added calories) is to bask in the beauty benefits of chocolate instead.

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Here are 10 of the most deliciously chocolately bath, body, and beauty products out there:

1. Apothecary chocolate orange body scrub. This yummy chocolate orange scrub from The Apothecary buffs away impurities while surrounding you with a heavenly scent. Ingredients like brown sugar, coconut oil and orange zest, leave your skin moisturised and your chocolate cravings half satisfied.

Apothecary chocolate orange body scrub R99

2. Clicks chocolate mud mask face. Clicks has a wide range of inexpensive facial masks and one of the best ones is a delectable chocolate mud mask, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon of me-time.

Clicks chocolate mud mask face R24.95

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3. A’pieu chocolate milk one-pack sheet mask. This cute Korean beauty product is inspired by many people’s favourite childhood treat. This chocolate milk sheet mask soothes and hydrates the skin.

A’pieu chocolate milk one-pack sheet mask R40

4. Hey Gorgeous choconut whipped mousse. This luxurious body lotion is a blend of essential oils, shea butter and real cocoa which leaves your skin not just smelling totally edible but also feeling soft and hydrated all day.

Hey Gorgeous choconut whipped mousse R140

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5. Theonista Theo Body Organic Chocolate Scrub for Hands and Body. If you want to feel soft and supple from head to toe, then this body scrub needs a spot in your beauty regimen. It gently exfoliates dead skin and makes you smell like a chocolate dream.

Theonista Theo Body Organic Chocolate Scrub for Hands and Body R92

6. Palmer’s Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter. No one would judge you for getting carried away and eating this lip balm from Palmer’s, since it smells absolutely delicious.

Palmer’s Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter R25.95

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7. Lush Cupcake Facial Mask. Beauty brand Lush have jumped on the chocolate bandwagon with their Cupcake Facial Mask. Scented like a rich, gooey chocolate cupcake batter, this mud mask features all natural ingredients and a detoxifying linseed infusion to nourish and soften the skin.

Lush Cupcake Facial Mask R160

8. Homespun Cacao and Himalayan Mud Mask Powder. One can never have too many facial masks, especially when they include cacao, which is famous for its healing powers. This face mask from Homespun combines chocolate with Himalayan clay for glowing skin.

Homespun Cacao and Himalayan Mud Mask Powder R125

9. CocoaLocks. Who would have thought that drinking hot chocolate would lead to longer and more luscious hair. CocaLocks is a low-calorie powdered cocoa drink mix that has nutrients like selenium, zinc and biotin to make your hair shinier and stronger. Winning!

CocoaLocks R510

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10. Sativa Mocha Java Brown Sugar Scrub. Coffee and chocolate are a great combo in your cup, but they’re also good for your skin. This mocha java body scrub will help you get rid of cellulite and leave your skin smelling great and looking firmer.

Sativa Mocha Java Brown Sugar Scrub R199

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