10 Celebs With Fabulous Locs


Check out our top 10 favourite celebs who rock dreadlocks.

It’s rare to find celebrities with dreadlocks or natural hair in the entertainment industry. But, there are some who wear this hairstyle perfectly. Here’s our favourite 10.

Samkelo Ndlovu


Dreadlocks have always been cool but no one makes the cooler than this free spirited actress, Samkelo. We love how she’s not afraid to be adventurous with them. She’s once done a fringe, which suited her perfectly and not so long ago, she went red. FIERCE!

Zizo Beda


Seems like yesterday when Zizo burst into our screens with her short natural hair. Fast forward to 2015, the former Miss SA Teen has transformed her afro to dreadlocks. What we love most about Zizo’s hair is that we saw her grow them from nothing.

Zenande Mfenyane

Isaac Mofokeng Photography
Isaac Mofokeng Photography

Zenande must have one of the most beautiful locs in the industry. The actress wowed us with her tresses when she first came into the scene as Noluntu on Generations. Her locs are always neat and tied up nicely.



We don’t know when Sade suddenly grew dreads but we love them on her. We figure she bought them (Yes ladies, just like a weave you can buy yourself some dreads). We love the look Sade.

Letoya Mangezi

Isaac Mofokeng Photography
Isaac Mofokeng Photography

One person we are sure that she didn’t buy hers is Generations’ Letoya. Why are we so sure? Because she grew up right in front of us and comes from a family of deadlocks (Blondie is her father and he’s always had dreads). We love the colour of her hair.

Claire Mawisa


This beauty was also one of the first few ladies who showed us that you can be just as beautiful with your natural hair. She’s another one who we witnessed starting her dreads from scratch… look at her now!

Nambitha Mpumlwana


We don’t think we have seen Nambitha with anything else but dreadlocks. She also introduced us to the bob.

Azwidohwi Malaka


This Venda princess looks gorgeous with her locs, we can’t imagine her with anything else on her crown.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka


With this hair, Yvonne is a true representation of what she is dubbed as, Princess of Africa.

Gerry Elsdon

gerry els

We have never seen TV personality Gerry with anything but locs on her head… but with hair like that, would you ever change it?