10 beauty New Year resolutions for your glow up


Kick-start the new year with these simple habits for healthy skin.

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Improve your beauty routine this year with achievable goals. Beauty resolutions are a little easier to stick to – start with one or two, then move on to the rest when it becomes a habit.

1. Remove make-up every night

Sleeping with make-up on clogs your pores. This leaves your skill looking old and dull.

2. Wear sunscreen all seasons, every day

If there is one beauty resolution you need to stick to, it should be wearing sunscreen. It protects you against the harmful sun rays and premature ageing.

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3. Wash your make-up brushes

Think of all the product build-up from a year ago. These make your brushes unhygienic and unhealthy. Wash them at least twice a month with soap or a brush cleaner.

4. Wear eye cream daily

The easiest way to introduce eye cream into your routine is by putting it on your bedside table. Apply it before you sleep, and let it work while you get your beauty sleep. Eye creams help to prevent puffiness, fine lines and dark circles.

5. Take care of your lips

There is nothing as unattractive as lipstick on chapped, dry lips. Scrub your lips at least once a week, and apply lip balm to keep them soft and hydrated.


6. Toss out old products

Everything has an expiry date, including make-up. So, perform a beauty audit; throw away anything that’s two years old. Continue to thoroughly check the remaining products for any change in colour or formula. If the colour is not the same as when you bought it, throw it away.


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7. Give your hair a break

Be gentle on your hair by doing protective styles that are not too tight. This is because tight styles damage your hairline. Use less heat to avoid damage, and do weekly treatments.

8. Try something new

Switch things up for a change. If you like nude lips, try a bit of colour. Also, try facial oils instead of normal day creams.

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9. Stop picking your face

Squeezing your pimples or removing blackheads causes problems such as scarring your skin. Rather exfoliate and use facial masks once a week.

10. Sleep for 6–8 hours

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Not only does it help to prevent puffy eyes, but beauty sleep is also a time for your skin to regenerate.


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