The Right Sports Bra


What you wear during your workout could help improve your routine, or even a serious condition, cause damage to your body. Most women suffer from back aches and other injuries due to the incorrect underwear. A correct sports bra is one of the crucial items to wear for women, no matter what the breasts size. Personal bra fitting specialist and owner of The Bra Guru, Taryn Palacios, sheds light on the matter.

What is the difference between a sports bra and a regular bra?

A regular bra is fine for all day wear, but a sports bra is necessary for any physical activity, from light to high impact.

Can one work out with a regular bra?

I only recommend you wear your regular bra for working out if you are participating in a low impact activity, like walking. If you are in an aerobics class, running or jumping in your physical activity, then you must be in a high-impact sports bra. This will give you the firm support you need and reduce the bounce in your breasts by up to 80%.

Does the sports bra size match the everyday bra?

You generally wear the same size in a sports bra as you do in your regular one. There are, however, styles that may fit differently, so you definitely want to be properly fitted.

How can the incorrect bra injure you?

If you are not wearing the correct size bra, you are not getting the sufficient support you need. This can have a definite effect on you physically, if you are expecting your straps to do all the work this will cause strain and tension in your shoulders and this can lead to neck pain and headaches. If you are wearing an ill-fitting sports bra, you might not feel comfortable to participate in exercises because your breasts might be bouncing and cause you discomfort, this means you are not getting the full benefit of your workout.

Does the size of your breast determine the support you need?

Not necessarily; it does not mean if you have a small cup size you wear must wear a low-impact bra. Your sports bra must fit the purpose, so if you are participating in high-impact activities you should wear a high-impact bra, no matter your cup size.

Ladies who barely have any breasts (Cup A and smaller), do they need support?

You want a firm support, no matter your cup size. The reason is that any amount of breast tissue will bounce during exercise. It will be less in a smaller cup but you will bounce nonetheless.

Some women prefer to sleep with their bra on. Is this healthy?

Light non-underwire support is fine for sleeping in. It keeps the breasts comfortable during sleeping, which is great for woman with a fuller bust. It does not have to be a bra – a vest with built-in support is sufficient. It is important to wear something soft, made of a breathable fabric and something that is not to constricting.

Here are some of our local fit and fab girls showing off their sports bras:

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