Man Crush Monday – L-Tido


We first came to know Thato Madonsela, popularly known as L-Tido, when the Glits gang (with Maggz, Sean Pages and Morale) were one of the up and coming rap groups in South Africa a few years ago. Fast forward a couple more years later and L-Tido is now a father and reality star – and still in the hip-hop industry.


How did your involvement with Rap Dads on come about?

The creators of the show approached me and I agreed to be a part of it because I felt there was a necessity in letting people know that rappers are not all about money and cars, and that they have a life beyond the music videos they see. I also wanted to be a part of something that proves that not all black men abandon their children; in fact, I am very involved in my son’s life.

Tell us about your son?

My son, Jaden, lives in Cape Town with his mother. I do my best to see him whenever I am not working.

What has fatherhood been like for you?

I am still trying to figure it all out. I am not the perfect father. But since becoming a one, I think twice before spending money on anything else. The little man comes first.


Would you want your son to be a rapper, following in your footsteps?

My mother never wanted me to rap, but let me because it was something I was passionate about. With that said, it would not be up to me to decide my son’s career; it would be a choice of his own.

What values would you want your son to learn?

I want him to have self-respect, confidence, and be a good and kind person.


Now let’s talk dating; what would your ideal date be?

It depends on the girl I would be with. I am not really picky; I go with the flow.

What type of woman would be your ideal girlfriend?

(Laughs)…I love a good girl – someone sweet and who keeps to herself; I love a shy girl. This is mainly because I like to live a private life, so I would get along with someone who is reserved like that. I also like a smart girl; she doesn’t have to have a thousand academic degrees, but must be able to carry a good conversation…I go for personality rather than looks.


Any advice for fathers out there?

Everything in life comes with ups and downs. Nothing can ever come easy. So work hard and keep pushing no matter what.


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