4 Symptoms of depression

Although millions of people suffer from depression, many still don’t know the difference between feeling down and being depressed. Here are some symptoms that act as a guide to know whether you are suffering from depression or just temporarily unhappy.

1. Inescapable sadness

Most people feel sad at times. But, feeling extremely sad nearly every day over a two-week period or wanting to cry on a regular basis may be a symptom of depression. Feelings of excessive guilt, worthlessness and overall emptiness can also be a sign.


2. When you stop doing activities that make you happy

Our energy levels are different. However, constantly feeling fatigued or lethargic can be a symptom of depression taking away pleasure from activities and hobbies that you once enjoyed. This includes feeling less motivated, withdrawing from family and friends, and being unable to think clearly.


 3. Insomnia or extreme sleepiness

If your sleep patterns change drastically, where you’re now oversleeping or sleeping less over a prolonged period of time, you may be suffering from depression. It can also lead to difficulty in sleeping or continuously waking up at night.

4. Changes in appetite and weight

Most people sometimes overeat or lose their appetite from time to time. But, if this leads to drastic weight loss or gain, you must check if depression is not a factor.
It is important to note that this information serves as a guide, and these symptoms must be persistent over an estimated two-week period or more. For more information, contact:

South African Depression and Anxiety Group

Counsellor between 8am–8pm Monday to Sunday – 011 234 4837

For a suicidal emergency – 0800 567 567

24hr Helpline – 0800 12 13 14

SMS 31393 (and they will call you back)


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